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    The Foundation for Rural Service is proud to offer a variety of educational resources to rural telecom providers and NTCA members. Please browse our consumer information and educational products below, including our series of white papers that can be downloaded for free. Additional copies are available for purchase.

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  • A Cyber Economy: The Transactional Value of the Internet in Rural America
    Price: 0.00
    Produced by iGR, a market strategy consultancy focused on the wireless and mobile communications industry, and commissioned by the Foundation for Rural Service (FRS). The report examines the nature of internet transactions and attempts to quantify the value of those transactions. View PDF

  • Do-Not-Call Notification Insert (Packs of 250)
    Price: 40.00
    This insert can be used to meet the FCC yearly Do-Not-Call Registry notification requirement.
  • Glossary of Rural Telecom Terms (NEW)
    Price: 4.00
    Updated in 2017, the glossary provides definitions of some of the most widely used terms in the rural telecommunications industry.

  • Job Creation From Rural Broadband Companies
    Price: 0.00
    This white paper demonstrates the positive job creation and retention impacts of rural broadband providers as well as the far-reaching economic impacts arising from those jobs.
    View PDF

  • Robocalls Mailer (Packs of 100)
    Price: 35.00
    To help your customers protect themselves against illegal robocalls, we have produced a resource to assist telcos in responding to this pervasive problem.
  • Yes, You Can Afford Telephone or Internet Service (Packs of 100)
    Price: 35.00
    The Lifeline Universal Service Program is available to qualified, low-income consumers and offers a discount for telephone or internet service.

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