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    The Foundation for Rural Service is proud to offer a variety of educational resources to rural telecom providers and NTCA members. Please browse our consumer information and educational products below, including our series of white papers that can be downloaded for free. Additional copies are available for purchase.

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  • A Cyber Economy: The Transactional Value of the Internet in Rural America
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    Produced by iGR, a market strategy consultancy focused on the wireless and mobile communications industry, and commissioned by the Foundation for Rural Service (FRS). The report examines the nature of internet transactions and attempts to quantify the value of those transactions. View PDF

  • Aging in Place and the Role of Broadband
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    Highlights opportunities for seniors to stay in their homes as they age and still receive excellent standards of care via broadband technology. It underscores an important issue in rural communities where access to doctors and specialists can be limited, or require long drives. View PDF

  • Job Creation From Rural Broadband Companies
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    This white paper demonstrates the positive job creation and retention impacts of rural broadband providers as well as the far-reaching economic impacts arising from those jobs.
    View PDF

  • Rural Economic Development: Building Sustainable Community
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    Stresses the importance of rural telcos and businesses becoming involved in the economic development of their communities in order for those communities to survive and grow. View PDF

  • Rural Education and the Role of Broadband
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    Highlights the growing uses of broadband in rural educational settings. This papers takes you past just researching a term paper, but provides real world examples of rural schools flipping the classroom, using distance education, and developing ways to use digital textbooks. View PDF

  • Smart Agriculture and the Role of Broadband
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    Highlights the need for broadband for rural farmers to own and operate 21st Century businesses. The uses for broadband go well beyond e-mailing. Wired and wireless devices can be used to: monitor and track moisture in the soil, buy and sell livestock online, check market reports, and much more. View PDF

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