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    Rural Telecom White Papers

    FRS launched the Rural Telecom Educational Seried as part of an ongoing effort to promote rural telecom and educate those who will determine its future. The series has played a vital role in educating both national and local policy-makers on the issues facing community-based telecom providers. FRS publishes papers on an ongoing basis that highlight critical issues to rural telecommunications, such as universal service, net neutrality and wireless technology. One copy of each paper is complimentary; additional copies are available for purchase. You can access these papers outlining some of the current topics and most pressing challenges that confront rural telecommunications companies in the Rural Telecom White Papers.

    Educational Products

    The FRS eStore offers a wide variety of of educational materials that serve as crucial resources for helping those within the industry distribute important information to consumers. These serve as key links between community-based companies and their customers, enabling them to better convey the critical role that telecom providers fulfill and to alert customers about issues within the industry that impact their lives.

    Our range of products support rural telecom companies' efforts to keep consumers informed and meet different mandates like lifeline/linkup program requirements. Check them out and and browse documents that will give you a more privileged look at rural telecommunications terminology and careers.

  • Aging in Place Mailer
    Price: 0.00
    Highlights opportunities for senior citizens to remain in their homes thanks to broadband technologies.
  • Calls Not Getting Through?
    Price: 0.00
    Educates customers about why these problems are occurring and helping them understand that the problem does not originate with their local telco.

  • Do-Not-Call Notification Insert (Packs of 250)
    Price: 40.00
    This insert can be used to meet the FCC yearly Do-Not-Call Registry notification requirement.
  • Glossary of Rural Telecom Terms (NEW)
    Price: 4.00
    Updated in 2017, the glossary provides definitions of some of the most widely used terms in the rural telecommunications industry.

  • Robocalls Mailer (Packs of 100)
    Price: 35.00
    To help your customers protect themselves against illegal robocalls, we have produced a resource to assist telcos in responding to this pervasive problem.
  • Wireless Needs Wires Mailer
    Price: 0.00
    Explains to consumers how the wireless process works over the existing landline infrastructure.
  • Yes, You Can Afford Telephone or Internet Service (Packs of 100)
    Price: 35.00
    The Lifeline Universal Service Program is available to qualified, low-income consumers and offers a discount for telephone or internet service.

  • Yes, You Can Afford Telephone Service Poster (English/Spanish)
    Price: 15.00
    Printable PDF of poster supporting Lifeline and its services that are intended to provide discounts to eligible, low-income consumers to aid in the set-up and maintenance of their telephone or internet service.

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